Project: Doc Mc Stuffins S04 & S05 (Disney Junior)
Company : Brownbag Films
Job : Video Editor

Followings the Eps from animatics to Offline, over the course of 2 years I spent lots of time with the directors creating the timing and feel for various episodes including 2min shorts, regular 11min eps, 22min specials and 44 minutes quads.

Various tasks :
- Building and amending of animatics
- Minor animatic panel fixes using Photoshop 
- Shot breakdown of animatics and preparing files for overseas studio over Shotgun
- Updating timeline with audio retakes and pickups and following the ep at blocking, animation and final animation
- Offline editing of finished animation.
- Management of timeline during retakes process and prep for online.
- Outputting and video encoding elements for subsequent stages of post-production.
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